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Alliance Group is established with the key objective of serving customers in several areas of the service-oriented industries. The main areas we focus are: Manpower Recruitment, Educational Consultancy, Export Import and Travel & Tours.We are happy to introduce ourselves as a reputed business company and the reputation we have achieved is because of our corporate philosophy, i.e. most professional service. Since the establishment of the excellence and become the primary provider of More

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Dear Valued Clients & Partners, It is with great pride and immense pleasure that we hereby heartily welcome you all to Alliance Group of Companies. We are the companies established with objectives to provide anticipated platforms along with the training and placement to the



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Terms & Conditions
 Country  Age Contract  Medical  Transportation  Overtime Duty hours
 Oman  21 to 35 Years  2 Years  Provided  Provided  According to Company Law  8 hours Category Number Accommodation Food Salary
1 Senior Cook 10 Provided Provided 110 To 125 OR
2 Cook 75 Provided Provided 90 To 160 OR
3 Baker 25 Provided Provided 110 To 225 OR
4 Chapatti Maker 20 Provided Provided 60 To 70 OR
5 Butcher 16 Provided Provided 90 To 160 OR
6 Head Waiter 10 Provided Provided 75 To 90 OR
7 Waiter 50 Provided Provided 65 To 75 OR
8 Room Boy/Kitchen Boy/G.A/Office Boy/Clinic Boy/Club Steward 200 Provided Provided 60 To 70 OR
Basic Terms of the Contract
Duration of Contract 2 Years and Renewable
Probation Period 30 Days
Food and Accommodation Providing by the Employer at free of cost
Working Days and Hour 6 Days per week/8 Hours Per day
Overtime As per Cyprus Labour Law
Air Ticket Will be provided by Employer at free of cost
Leave As per Cyprus Labour Law
Medical Treatment As per Cyprus Labour Law
Insurance By Employer
Resident Visa Providing by the Employer at free of cost Category Male Female Salary
1 Domestic Worker 10 40 326 Euro
2 Agriculture Worker 40 15 425 Euro
3 Farming Labor for Animal 30 425 Euro
4 Nurse – Certified 10 1183.60 Euro
Terms and Conditions
Accommodation Provided
Food Provided
Airfare Air Passage will be provided by the Employer
Medical Treatment Free
Medical Insurance Free
Working Hours 8 hours per day and 6 days a week.
Overtime As per Employer requirements
Contract period 2 years with entendible
Probation Period 90 days
Facilites such as annual leave, sick leave, insurance etc shall be done in accordance with the labour policy of the country of employment Romania.
1 Baby Sitter 100 USD 350
2 House Maids 100 USD 350
3 Agriculture Workers 20 USD 350
We have current Demand for Agriculture in Portugal
Company Frutas Classe SA, Portugal
Position Agriculture Worker
Number of Workers 35 Workers
Salary 485 Euro Per month
Food 3 Euro Per day food allowance
Accommodation Provided
Working Hours 40 Hours in a week (172 Hours in a month)
Note: Please apply soon and secure your seat.
Thank You

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