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Exports GoodsTo build export base of Nepal with massive participation of ordinary people and foster the relationship of rural community and the international market by promoting farmers' cooperatives as  the institutional mechanism. It is our function to make sure that THE RIGHT QUALITY IS DELIVERED AT THE RIGHT TIME IN THE RIGHT PLACE. We aim to provide our customers with:   Himalayan Arabica coffees at competitive prices; we place a special emphasis on High altitude, small farmers, and cooperative. Top quality contract execution through consumer's response. Timely access to news, views and statistical analysis about developments in the market place Creative pricing mechanisms to facilitate risk management Blend development, composition, and supply management Reliability and consistency     Nepal's unique climate and terrain, together with the pre-existing suitable Arabica coffee trees, produce a very high quality coffee. Arabica is the one that produced in Nepal between two famous varieties Arabica and Robusta. The quality of coffee produced in Nepal has potential both for International as well as domestic market. Demand for Specialty coffee in the world's market is growing due to increasing consciousness about the health and environment. More than 90 Mt of green bean has been or in the process of export to several destinations in this year of 2009. Japan, Europe and America are the major buyers of Nepalese coffee and we also want to penetrate some more new designations.   Productive coffee varieties: Highland specialty roast beans and ground: Mild/Medium/Strong Premium roast beans and ground: Mild/Medium/Strong Regular roast beans and ground:  Mild/Medium/Strong The Himalayan specialty washed clean beans. The premium washed clean beans. Natural processed regular clean beans.   Coffee Process: - Past years we worked with the Natural process of getting beans which is called as Dry process but later few years ago the Coffee Professionals and Technicians from EL Salvador and America came and introduced the Wet Process (Washed Process) which is not the latest way of getting beans from the Cherry but also proves around the world that Wet process is the best way to get the Best Beans so to get the Best cup of Coffee. And very important thing is that from this year we have introduced the latest coffee processing which is more popular around the world, Semi-washed process which stands best to get the better Bean Quality. 

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