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Study and Work program EU   Let me introduce you our Study and Work program which was created for those who wants to know the European lifestyle through study and work. Student visas allow candidates to work part time during their studies. Our agency  supports students with accommodation and job placements in restaurants, hospitals and telesales industry.   There are two options for you:   Study of Slovak language that helps you to know local culture and customs, that will prepares you for your next study at Slovak universities or to find your job in Slovakia.   Study in English: The students can start with Intensive English Program (IEP), followed by BSBA program or MBA program. IEP consists of 6 levels, so candidates after the enter tests; will be included in proper level.   5-month Slovak Language Course Target Group: §  Applicants having interest in the Slovak language or needing it in their job or everyday life, e.g. foreign company representation officers, diplomats, international company managers, foreign language lectors, etc. §  Compatriots bound with family ties to Slovakia, who wishes to learn the language of their forefathers or to improve their Slovak language skills.   Goal of the Program: Receiving the Slovak language proficiency to communicate in the Slovak surroundings. Language of Instruction: Slovak   Study Program:   §  Study is held every day from Monday to Friday in the morning
2x2 lessons (per 45 min.) daily, i.e. 20 lessons/week §  After completing the Program, student receives a confirmation 
on passing the course §  Total 400 hours Dates: July 23, 2012 - December 7, 2012 (deadline for registration April 23, 2012) Die Berater
September 3, 2012 - February 8, 2013 (deadline for registration June 3, 2012) International House 
  Registration Fee: 50 EUR (non-refundable) Tuition Fee: 1 500 EUR     Personnel agency assistance (Visa, airport pickup, accommodation reservation, job placement) 200 EUR Accommodation: 200 EUR per month in shared apartments near the school   Enrollment to the Program:   If you wish to enroll to the Program, you are required to submit the following documents:   §  CV with photo and skype ID. §  motivation letter (giving reasons of your interest to study in Slovakia, EU) §  a photocopy  of identification page of the passport §  a completed Enrollment Form   Documents must be sent to   Only complete documents are considered by the Admission Board. We may contact you by skype to conduct skype interview.   Admission procedure  After receiving complete documents, the Admission Board considers the Enrolment Form of each applicant. §  A student accepted to the Program by the Admission Board will receive the Letter of Acceptance, containing the amount of money for tuition and registration fees to be paid as well as the information about payment by bank transfer, which must be realized in advance. Contract Conditions are sent to the student together with the Letter of Acceptance. §  Only after receiving payment to the bank account, School will issue the Decision on Admission and Confirmation on Accommodation (in Slovak and English) and send them to the student´s address together with other useful information. Both documents must be attached to the application for temporary residence permit. §  Detailed information about requirements regarding application for temporary residence permit in Slovakia for the purpose of study, so-called Student Visa, can be received at the responsible Slovakian Embassy.   Conditions   §  1. The school ensures a good quality of teaching. §  2. The fee can be paid either: a. in cash at the registration office or by bank transfer. §  b. The fee has to be paid before the course starts. §  c. When paying with Sodexo, Accor Services, Le Cheque Dejeuner passes, student cannot obtain any discount (even not for §  continuing students). §  1. A place on the course is not transferable. §  2. Minimum age for students in an adult school class is 15. §  3. Transfer to a course of a different level is handled by the registration office. A teacher`s approval is necessary in such cases. §  4. Refunds: a. 100%of the remaining course fee will be returned if the course is cancelled by the school. or students' visa are not issued. §  b. Once the student visa's are issued 0% of course fee will be returned. §  lesson which he/she was registered to. After that time 0% of course fee will be returned. §  5. Students can be expelled from the school for damaging the school`s property. §  6. The school can exclude any student whose behaviour seriously disturbs teaching, from a course. §  7. It is forbidden to use mobile phones during lessons. §  8. The school does not take responsibility for any personal belongings brought into school. §  9. Students are asked to fill in a feedback form on the quality of teaching once a semester. School feedback is an integral part §  of every course. §  10. The course fee does not cover the cost of the course book, which we recommend to buy after the first lesson. §  11. The Terms and conditions included in this application form are binding from the moment you sign the application or receive §  it by email. §  12. The student consents to processing of his/her personal data by the school, namely his/her name, surname, and date of §  birth in accordance with Slovak legal regulation for the purpose of certification. §  13. By providing us with their e-mail address, the student gives the school an approval to send them information regarding §  courses by email. §  14. Enrolment onto the following semester is not automatic; the student must register at the registration office by the deadline §  announced in advance.  

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